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Meet the Team

The Maine Yurt Collective is a small group of skilled individuals coming together to build strong and artistic structures.


Get to Know Us

We are a team of artists and our families living throughout the state of maine, working together to create affordable, beautiful and livable art. 


we are passionate about

our mission to hand-build shelters and dwellings, while also supporting a larger network of foresters, loggers, and woodworkers. 

We utilize sustainable forestry practices and value protecting our forests and species diversity. 

our yurt building experience spans twenty years and includes yurt construction on the backside of Whistler, british colombia, in the white mountains of western maine, the kancamangus region of new hampshire, the lowell mountains of vermont and the seacoast of southern maine.

all of our yurts are designed to be livable, usable and enjoyable structures. 

they are built for the four season climate of new england and designed to sustain snow loads and inclimate weather. 

we source the highest quality materials that meet fire-safety ratings and can withstand severe climate and temperature fluctuations. 

we are excited to be launching a sustainable builders guild this year!


we will be connecting foresters, property owners, carpenters, artisans, woodmills, and utilizing local building materials such as cob, strawbale, cordwood, and sprayed concrete. 


if you are interested in getting involved or hosting a project, please let us know! 

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