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All of our sidewalls are sewn with the highest quality, longest lasting threading to prevent tearing and decomposition.  The wall material is made from Patio 500 / Herculite, a vinyl treated polyester awning material manufactured in the USA.  The average lifespan of this material ranges from 15-30 years.  We have seen it upcycled on local farms covering firewood piles, as tool-shed roofs, and greenhouse entryways.  The industry standard for American-style yurts, it is picked to sustain large temperature variations, is mildew and mold resistant, UV resistant, and fire-resistant.  We are happy to manufacture you sidewalls for your home-built project, repair or replace existing yurt components, or talk you through building your projects.  Costs for sidewall material are priced by the square foot. 


Exterior sidewalls

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