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yurt packages include:

hardwood sapling frame : lattice and rafters
7' sidewal
l for a walk-beneath loft
r-16 insulation vapor barrier
glass window and wood window panel
insulated wood exterior door with window
wood mortise and tenon center ring
plexiglass and wood dome 
6" metalbestos chimney and thimble
interior washable fabric liner
PATIO-500 mildew-resistant exterior sidewall
  or TPO HEat seamed exterior roofing with 30 year warranty


custom orders welcome

if you have a vison, we are happy to create it with you!  feel free to contact us directly to design your yurt or structure.

our materials
patio-500 is a high performance PVC 17.5oz/yard awning fabric.  it is mildew, stain, and fire resistant and designed for commercial exterior applications.  it is designed to be suitable for cold weather, high wind, & full sun.
DUROLAST is a 50 mil single-ply PVC roofing membrane with a 15 year warranty.  it is flame resistant, will not mold, is resistant to bacterial growth, is highly flexible even at cold temperatures, and is very recyclable. 
our sustainably harvested local hardwood saplings are maple, red oak, beech, cherry, ash, & birch.  our center ring, dome, wall panel and doors are local spruce, fir, pine and cedar.  we are blessed to have three woodmizer sawmills available for our projects.  maintaining a healthy forest is important to us, and sourcing local timber and small batch milling helps to support our neighbors and local communities.  we are happy to help sustain cottage industry forestry that prioritizes our local ecosystems.
if you are interested in a wool-fiber and duck canvas yurt, we have sourced three workable suppliers for industrial application wool felt in the northeast.  this will not be a yurt design that we will offer ready-made, but it is an option that is available.  please contact us for more information and a quote.